Barking and District Sunday League

Code of Conduct

The Barking and District Sunday League was formed to foster the atmosphere of fair play and sportmanship. The elected committee is fully supportive of this deal and works to ensure this atmosphere develops.

To achieve this there is also an obligation for every club official, player and supporter to show a spirit of sportsmanship.

Show understanding of others mistakes, be sympathetic towards referees when they make mistakes and accept that the decisions they make are difficult even in the best conditions.

Show respect to the opposition and their supporters, as you would expect of them.

This league is becoming known as a "football league" rather than a Sunday league where players come for a fight after a night out on Saturdays.

The committee has, and will continue to, remove the players and officials who bring the league and football into disrepute but it needs the players, officials and supporters to help.

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Officers of the League